1980s Product catalog, 1980s

This Parker product catalog was written in three languages: English, French, and Arabic.  Despite the lack of a print date code usually found on Parker ephemera, there was a hand-annotation "Recd 6 Aug 82" found on the inside front cover.  Other clues to the approximate date was the inclusion of the Parker 105, a model that was launched in September 1979 so this catalog must have been produced after that time.


Here is a fold-out page from the back showing the correct the various finishes used by Parker for their different models.  For some reason, they omitted the grid and Florence patterns.  (In the picture below, click on any finishes to jump to that page which has it listed.)


The most interesting item in this catalog was is the pattern called Damier, which shows a weave and not rectangular pattern.   This pattern referred to a Parker 180, not a 75, and Parker is known to use different pattern names on their models (e.g. 75 Imperial pattern is the 51 Insignia).

The 75s listed in this catalog  were:

  1. Sterling crosshatch grid

  2. Vermeil and sterling Florence

  3. Laque models in Jaspe (red), Thuya (brown), Malachite (green) and Lapis Lazuli (blue)

  4. Goldplated Place Vendome models Milleraies, Grain d'Orge, Prince de Galles, and Perlé

  5. Silverplated Place Vendome models Milleraies, Grain d'Orge, Prince de Galles, and Flammé

Also listed were 180 models in Ecaille (aka tortoiseshell).  

There is also a nib chart showing sample writing of the various sizes.

Sterling crosshatch grid

Vermeil Florence

Sterling Florence

Laque models

Goldplated Place Vendome

Goldplated Place Vendome

180 Ecaille

180 Guirlande

180 Ecorce